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What does 365.immo offer?

The functions at a glance

In 365.immo your valuable data is in good hands! Simple and clear and GDPR-compliant with simple import function – you can bring your database to life!
365.immo also supports you with exposé management as well as a broker book & owner‘s property tracking.

Supported purchasing process for properties

Are you looking for new properties to be sold? 365.immo supports you in your research and the targeted approach of property owners and guides you through the entire purchasing process in a structured and step-by-step manner.

Efficient Administration

With 365.immo you can manage your entire real estate database simply and clearly - from acquisition to sale. View detailed real estate information based on international real estate standards. In addition: Information on the owner, previous owner and interested parties, the property position in Bing Maps, property images in the Picture Slider, viewing appointments, reservation confirmations, etc.....

International Real Estate Standard

The fully integrated real estate standard allows you a comprehensive property description according to industry standards - for land, apartment, house or commercial property.

365.immo Mobile App

With the mobile app, you can create properties directly in the system during the visit and enter initial property information. You can automatically set reminders for later completion or start the search agent to identify potential buyers and automatically send info mails. The 365.immo app is available for iOS and Android and can be used at no extra cost.

Exposé Administration

Create individual exposés on your real estate portfolio - with just a few clicks to the desired property.

Broker book & owner’s property tracking

The 365.immo broker book offers an optimal overview of all actions and interactions that have taken place for a property or with an interested party. This way you will always be up to date with your activities. The 365.immo owner‘s property tracking system always informs owners about the current marketing status of their properties. As the broker, you determine which entries can be tracked from the broker book.
With 365.immo it is easier than ever to bring owners, real estate and interested parties together - through Immomatching and our structured sales processes!
365.immo as a fully-fledged CRM system optimises your customer management and thus improves your customer relations.

Connection to common real estate portals and portals

365.immo allows you a time-saving and simple publication of your properties with just a few clicks on several platforms at the same time through the connection to all common real estate portals. Social media such as Facebook can also be connected.

Immomatching - Search agent for prospective customers and real estates

Based on international real estate standards, you can store desired criteria (e.g. rent or purchase, house or apartment, number of rooms, size, etc.) for each interested party. This allows you to compare existing and newly entered properties with the search profiles and a list of suitable properties is displayed. With just a few clicks you can open details on the property, send info mails and distribute tasks internally in a targeted and efficient way (e.g. call, make an appointment, etc.). Search profiles and search results work across users for every person in your team

Structured sales process for easier selling

365.immo guides you purposefully and step by step through the entire sales process - from property search, initial contact and the organisation of viewing appointments to reservation confirmation, quotation preparation, conclusion of the sale and after-sales support for a high success rate and satisfied customers. With 365.immo you have access to all available properties, prospects and existing customers - no matter when and where - and you can link them to Immomatching with just one click. Depending on where you are in the sales process and your sales pipeline, you can take targeted sales measures. With 365.immo you make the right decisions at the right moment for more sales, more turnover and a more dominant market position.

Optimized, personalized customer management

365.immo as a fully-fledged CRM system maps all your prospects and customers in a structured and clear manner. You can view important contact data and the entire contact history (last contact, telephone calls, e-mails, appointments, offers, documents, tasks, related properties and persons, etc.) independent of time and location. In addition, 365.immo offers you the possibility to store detailed, personal information (birthday, hobbies, etc.) for optimized customer relationship management, individualized customer service and targeted communication. This way you can increase your recommendation rate through satisfied and loyal customers!
Communication and best customer service are basic prerequisites for professional work in the real estate industry. 365.immo supports you - no matter in which way you communicate!

First contact and lead management

Create individual forms for your website, e-mails and campaigns with just a few clicks and without any programming effort. All submitted form information is automatically saved in 365.immo for targeted post-processing. Optimize your lead management and never lose potential prospects and important information through manual data entry again!

Customer segmentation and campaigns

You would like to group your interested parties according to various criteria - for example, interested parties in apartments, interested parties in real estate or prospective sellers. With 365.immo you can implement target-group-specific communication campaigns based on this subdivision for a target-oriented, successful approach.

Intelligent email connection with tracking

The intelligent Outlook connection of 365.immo ensures that you will never lose an email message again. The emails can be linked to a contact, a company, an object, etc.. Thus, you can find every incoming and outgoing email in the software and track which employee was in contact with which customer.
Use easily configurable dashboards to quickly and easily gain an overview of your business. With professional broker software you can manage your daily work quickly and unbureaucratically.
Concentrate on your core business - 365.immo organizes your processes!

The software for every company size

With 365.immo you manage your companies - no matter whether you are successful as a small team with a few colleagues on the market or whether your company even operates internationally with several locations. Complex company structures can be mapped as well as multilingual interfaces for international employees. 365.immo has obviously also multi-currency capability.

The software for every employee

The intelligent user and role management allows you to assign different access rights - i.e. as the owner of the real estate agency, you see all data, while the respective real estate agent, for example, only sees the properties to be brokered.

Task and Activity Management

With 365.immo you can quickly and easily create notes, tasks, telephone or appointment activities, etc. You can schedule them, assign them to yourself or your colleagues and provide them with a reminder.

Efficient document management

365.immo supports you in the creation and structured filing of important broker documents.

Complete integration into the Microsoft Ecosystem

365.immo fully integrates with existing Microsoft business solutions such as Office 365, SharePoint, Azure and PowerBI.

Maintenance-free and always up-to-date

365.immo is only available as SaaS (software as a service) - the web-based solution for real estate agents runs 100% in the cloud. No expensive investments in servers are necessary and your broker software is always up to date.
The innovative marketing functions of 365.immo support you in the implementation and evaluation of efficient marketing activities. Far beyond classic newsletter marketing, you can address your prospects and customers in a targeted and context-related manner.
Automation, intuitive design tools and a direct connection to social media platforms support you in reaching your target group throughout the entire customer journey and in strengthening customer relationships in the long term.


Marketing automation and multi-channel campaigns let you reach your target audience via landing pages, web forms, events, SMS messages, email marketing, and many more channels. Templates and user-friendly design tools make it easy to create content and personalize customer communications.

Seamless interaction between marketing and sales

Aligning sales and marketing activities has never been easier! The 365.immo marketing features allow you to unify your customer data to gain personalized insights and take your marketing to the next level. With the 365.immo marketing module, you create seamless customer experiences and increase new customer acquisition. The gap between sales and marketing is closed and an efficient exchange is ensured.

Enhanced customer experience

With our real estate software, you can personalize your offers and campaign content and offer your target group real-time experiences that are tailored to the needs of your prospects and customers. You benefit from a higher response rate and create a personalized customer experience. Orchestrate customer journeys across the entire lifecycle and build long-term customer relationships via digital channels.

Increased efficiency

The marketing module of 365.immo opens up the possibility to increase the efficiency of your marketing activities by means of predefined workflows and automatic handovers and follow-up actions. In addition, thanks to A/B testing, interaction evaluations and customizable customer surveys, you gain in-depth insights into the needs and behaviour of your customers. You benefit from a cross-departmental 360-degree view of your target group.

Event Management

365.immo supports you in the planning, administration and execution of your events. Starting from planning and budgeting to participant registration, webinar broadcast and participant analysis. Both face-to-face and interactive online events via MS Teams can be planned and organized via our real estate software.

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How 365.immo can support you.

For every real estate agent CRM and more

  • 365.immo is THE comprehensive and flexible all-in-one solution for your company

    365.immo uses all advantages of the proven CRM solution Dynamics 365 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) supplemented by all relevant requirements of the real estate industry.
  • 365.immo offers 100% real estate management

    Connection to all common portals, Immomatching, Exposé administration, broker book and owner tracking and much more - 365.immo answers all these requirements. Bubble: With just one mouse click on Willhaben
  • 365.immo facilitates the maintenance of your business relationships

    The better you know your prospects or potential sellers, the better you can respond to their needs. You know when, what and how it has already been communicated and thus, you will always find the right basis for a successful conclusion.
  • 365.immo combines all important information at a glance

    Start your day with the clear dashboard and receive all the information you need about your properties and prospects at the touch of a button. You can also easily create reports and evaluations. Bubble: You can also use our mobile app!
  • 365.immo supports Marketing & Sales at the pulse of time

    With 365.immo you use state-of-the-art email and online marketing and increase the completion rate of your employees through optimized lead management, targeted approach to prospective customers and structured sales processes!
  • 365.immo is 100% Cloud and fully integrated into the Microsoft environment.

    With 365.immo you do not need expensive investments in servers and hardware. The broker software is for you maintenance-free and the number of your employees scalable. In addition, 365.immo works perfectly with your existing Microsoft tools such as Office 365.

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The modern all-in-one solution for real estate agents and real estate companies

We know the requirements of the real estate industry - our web-based broker software combines state-of-the-art CRM software of the market leader with all necessary industry specifics.

365.immo, the modern software for real estate agents, is a complete solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which supports you in your daily work with extensive, industry-specific functionalities. Automated processes and an intuitive user interface as central success factors in real estate marketing. With the help of 365.immo you gain time for the essentials, satisfied and loyal customers as well as a better market position. Toggle professionally with 365.immo and be one step ahead of your competitors!

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  • The all-in-one tool for real estate agents and property developers
  • Enables targeted communication.
  • Offers state-of-the-art technology and security.
  • Creates time for the essentials.
  • Provides incredible flexibility.
  • Can be used immediately as a cloud solution.
  • 100% GDPR-compliant

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