The real estate software for

based on Microsoft Dynamics

property manager

Optimize your workflows with and easily master daily challenges. Our solution is based on market leader Microsoft Dynamics and is specific for the needs of property managers.

The real estate software for

based on Microsoft Dynamics

student residence

Our specific industry solution provides you with a comprehensive view of your student residences - from entire residence halls to individual apartments.

based on Microsoft Dynamics

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The software solution for property developers

based on Microsoft Dynamics

The software solution for property developers

Managing property


property enquiries

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The functions for property developers at a glance

With you benefit from leaner processes and optimized workflows..
From property acquisition to acceptance and after sales, your projects and properties can be consistently managed and marketed in!

Detailed property information

With you can collect all details about your properties centrally. Starting from land registry data, persons involved, availability up to the responsible authorities.

Supported acquisition process

With an optimized land acquisition, the first building block for your project is laid. With, you always have an overview of available properties and their status.

Collaboration across all locations

Our web-based property development solution is multi-currency and multi-lingual. This allows to enable you to collaborate across locations. Whether from the office, at home or on the construction site. You always have access to your data and documents.

International real estate standards

The OpenImmo standard is fully integrated in our solution. This means that your property descriptions always meet the industry standards - regardless of whether it's a plot of land, an apartment, a house or a commercial property.

Successful construction management

All information and transactions of your construction project are seamlessly documented; processes are simplified, and administrative procedures are reduced. You benefit from more efficient processes and have more time for the essentials.
In it is easier than ever to maintain an overview of complex project structures.
In addition, cross-departmental collaboration on a joint project is possible and all telephone and written correspondence can be traced without any gaps.

Project specific overview

Every building project is individual and requires individual handling. offers you a detailed overview of all persons, companies, trades, activities, tasks, offers and much more involved in the project.

Clear and structured object visualisation

Our property development solution gives you a comprehensive overview of your projects - from the entire project to the individual unit. By means of a hierarchical overview, even complex projects can be clearly visualised. Additional commercial units, such as underground garages or similar, are also shown in the hierarchy. In addition, a photo assignment is possible for each data record and object. The property images are automatically transferred to your exposé and sent to the respective real estate platform or website. This saves time and ensures seamless marketing.


Our solution is fully integrated into the Microsoft (Office) 365 environment. Through the connection to Microsoft Outlook, you can always track which e-mail correspondence has taken place with trades, customers, etc... Linked e-mails are not only visible in the contacts, but also with the respective projects, service requests, and so on.

Digital project management

Projects, properties and objects can be managed digitally. Depending on their role, users can access the relevant project. Documents and media for the respective project can be stored digitally and all communication is seamlessly documented. This enables you to work together across departments and ensures a structured project process.

Clear dashboards & meaningful reports

In you see exactly those data that you need for well-grounded decision-making. Customisable dashboards prepare information in a clear and structured way and tailored analyses contribute to the success of your project.
In you always have an overview of your prospects, customers and business partners. You benefit from targeted prospect acquisition and structured sales processes.
In addition, supports you in marketing your properties, as well as in creating and managing rental and sales contracts!

Adress- & data management

As a complete CRM solution, enables you to manage and categorise companies and contacts in a structured manner. In addition, each contact can be linked to the corresponding objects, enquiries, projects, etc. Companies can be structured hierarchically and related to other data records. In addition, the overview shows you all current enquiries, service cases, offers, etc. for the respective data record.

Document management

Our real estate developer software supports you in accelerating and optimising the management of documents and information. Through the integration of SharePoint, you can completely digitalise document storage and place your files in clear folder structures.

Telephone and activity management

Create activities such as phone calls, emails, appointments or tasks and assign them to your colleagues. All activities are logged and are therefore also traceable for your employees. You can find recorded activities directly in your Outlook tasks or calendar. This ensures that no activity will be forgotten.

Real Estate marketing

Publish property listings with just a few mouse clicks. Our property developer software enables a direct connection to your website, social media and all common property portals. In addition, you can generate exposés in and send them directly to your prospective buyer, including a suitable e-mail message.

Search profiles & reservation management

Incoming property enquiries via your website can be created fully automatically in In addition, you can use the search profile to find suitable properties for your prospective client with just a few mouse clicks and reserve them for your potential client.

Contract management

Create rental and sales offers as well as rental and sales contracts quickly and easily in your company design. The property and customer data are directly transferred from Once a contract has been created, you can send it to the respective customer in a flash. Intelligent workflows remind you in good time about contract expiries and other deadlines. In addition, all contract changes are archived and can be retrieved at a later date.

Survey Documents & Building Acceptance

Prepare inspections and building inspections in a targeted manner and let them digitally signed. During the acceptance, you can easily document photos, notes, etc. using a smartphone or tablet. Afterwards, you can generate a PDF document with just a few clicks and send it directly to your customer by e-mail.
For building developers, professional deficiency management is of paramount importance. With, you are guaranteed complete documentation and fast processing of service cases.
In addition, our solution supports you in targeting your customers, strengthening customer relationships and offering the best possible service!

Complete documentation of deficiencies and damage

Record and manage incoming defects or damages and connect them to the respective object and customer. Trades can be commissioned and deadlines documented directly from the system. With the help of the clear timeline, you are always up to date on any events or changes.

Avoid duplicate processing

Recognise directly if a defect is reported more than once for an object. Recorded defects can be found in a clear Bing Maps display. This allows you to see at a glance which object already has a defect. In this way, you can also manage defects to common property without any gaps.

Mobile photo documentation

Using the mobile app, you can access on site via your tablet or smartphone. You can photograph any damage and defects on the spot and store them directly in the system. This saves you time and ensures complete documentation.

Flawless customer service

All your customer data is stored in one place. This allows you to respond precisely to your customers' needs and offer a personalised service. Your customer relationships are strengthened sustainably, and your recommendation rate increases!

Seamless treatment of property enquiries

You can manage incoming property enquiries clearly in Through intelligent workflows and automated tasks and reminders, you will no longer lose any sales opportunities.

Telephone integration and newsletter dispatch

Based on the intelligent connection between and your telephone systems, you know who is on the line from the first ring. A personalizable pop-up window shows you all relevant contact information, requests, service cases, etc. for each incoming or outgoing call. In addition, thanks to the integrated e-mail marketing, you have the possibility to send personalized newsletters, info mails and much more to your customers.
Benefit from the intelligent and user-friendly marketing functionalities of our property developer software and optimize your marketing measures. By using the marketing tool, you increase customer satisfaction and generate new customers in a targeted manner.
The marketing app takes a data-driven approach to lead-generation and helps you create effective customer journeys, efficiently leverage customer insights, and more.

Real-time customer interaction

Maintain contact with your target audience via web forms, email, SMS, social media, custom channels, and in-person touchpoints. Design end-to-end contact histories across your customers' lifecycle based on their demographics and behavioral patterns. This enables you to better align your marketing with your target audience and sustainably increase your customers' loyalty.


Create engaging email campaigns quickly and easily thanks to the built-in email editor. Configurable templates, reusable text blocks, and user-friendly design tools let you quickly create campaign content and tailor content for specific customers. Built-in A/B testing lets you optimize your content and use spam scoring to improve the open rate of your mailings.

Plan, create, and manage social media posts

Plan, optimize, and analyse your social media posts in one centralized application. Quickly create and publish content to social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Of course, you can use the marketing calendar to design the publication of your posts and play them out at the best times. This way you get the most out of social media marketing.

Understand your customers

The Customer Voice feature gives you a wide range of options to understand your customers better using surveys. Customer feedback helps you make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing activities. In addition, the marketing tool tracks how your contacts interact with marketing activities. As a result, you benefit from comprehensive analytics. Based on this, you can determine the reactions of your contacts and better understand the impact of your marketing campaign.

Event Management

Regular events strengthen customer relationships. Discover extensive possibilities to optimize your event management. Attendees can register online via a web form, and you can schedule and manage sessions, speakers and venues. In addition, you can hold webinars and other online events through MS Teams integration.  

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The software solution for property developers

  • Mobile App

    Using the Microsoft Dynamics mobile app, you can access all the developer functions of our software solution from any mobile device.
  • Interface to ERP systems enables an interface to your developer ERP system. This ensures a seamless data transfer.
  • Create, send & archive documents

    Purchase and rental contracts, inspection certificates, etc. can be created with just a few clicks. Of course, you can adapt any documents to the corporate design of your company or project.
  • Individual dashboards & reports

    Get a cross-enterprise overview. Each user can define what his dashboard looks like. In addition, you can create extensive evaluations at any time.
  • Rights and role system

    Cross-departmental collaboration is no problem with Access rights can be defined on a user or team-specific basis. This allows you to precisely control which employee has access to which data and can edit it.
  • More time through digitalized processes

    With the help of intelligent workflows, you benefit from streamlined processes and save time and effort.
  • Consistent communication

    Our property builder branch solution enables you to have a continuous protocolled communication. Starting with the purchase of the property up to the after-sales.


multilingual &

The software solution for property developers accompanies you through every phase of your project. Starting with the property acquisition and ending with the sale of the last unit. We support property developers in their daily challenges and offer you a web-based industry solution based on the CRM market leader Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, serves you as a holistic solution for digitizing your business processes. A clear user interface and the possibility to individually control your information and task processes support you in sustainably increasing the efficiency of your projects. In addition, our property development software guarantees you complete documentation of your communication and processes. With you optimize your workflows and thus lay the foundation for long-term success!

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  • The all-in-one tool for developers.
  • Enables targeted communication.
  • Provides state-of-the-art technology and security.
  • Creates time for the essentials.
  • Allows immediate deployment as a cloud solution.
  • 100% DSGVO compliant

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