Tips for long-term customer relationships in the real estate industry

If you work in the real estate industry, you surely know how important customer relations are. A well-maintained relationship with customers is a source of information, increases the referral rate and leads to more sales. Strong customer relationships are therefore a key success factor in the world of real estate professionals.
1) Arrange personal meetings with your prospects

Technological progress enables us to conduct business relations without personal contact. As practical and timesaving as this is, you should not do without it completely. After all, you can hardly expect an interested party to feel loyal to you and trust your advice if they have never met you in person before. When dealing with important prospects, take the time to arrange a meeting before you take them to see a property. This way you can talk to them about their needs and create an important basis of trust.

  • Personal meetings with customers create trust and are the basis for strong customer relationships in the real estate industry.
  • You get a feeling for the individual needs of your prospective customer and can better serve him.


2) Use a CRM system for the real estate industry to store information about customers and prospects

There is nothing worse than making a customer or prospect wait while you try to find out how you know them or why you were last in contact with them. It is equally dramatic to contact a customer with false information. This costs time and makes your customer feel that you are hardly interested in his needs. To get around this and keep up with your contacts, the use of a CRM system for the real estate industry is recommended. There, you can collect customer data centrally and access it at lightning speed.

  • In a CRM system for the real estate industry you can see at a glance when and why you were last in contact with your customer.
  • Be sure to note even small pieces of information such as your customer’s date of birth and where you met them.
  • A cloud-based real estate software, such as 365.immo, offers the additional advantage of being able to access data anywhere and anytime.


3) Don’t forget to follow up

Many real estate agents rely on prospective buyers coming back to the estate agent by themselves after viewing a property. Avoid this failure by contacting your prospects on your own initiative after a reasonable period of time. This way, open questions can be clarified directly, and your prospective customer feels well looked after. In addition, you know where you stand and can obtain valuable feedback.

  • Your prospects will feel well-cared for if you contact them regularly.
  • By setting tasks in your Real Estate CRM you will be reminded in time to follow up with your prospects.


4) Organize and visit events

An efficient way to maintain customer relations in the real estate industry is to organize and attend events. This not only allows you to make new contacts but also to strengthen existing relationships. For example, if you visit trade fairs or conferences, you can inform your customers in advance by e-mail newsletter that you will be there. Another possibility is to organize events yourself. How about an annual barbecue or open house event to which you invite your most important customers?

  • Organizing events is an excellent way to maintain customer relationships in the real estate industry.
  • In the CRM solution 365.immo you can add hashtags to your contacts. For example, you can tag contacts with #summerparty to create marketing lists for invitations later.


5) Stay in contact with your existing customers

A business transaction does not mean the end of a customer relationship. Also keep in touch with customers to whom you have already rented or sold a property. After all, you never know whether the customer will need you again or knows someone who is looking for a property.

  • Interact regularly with your customers by congratulating them on their birthday etc.
  • Store your customers’ email addresses in your Real Estate CRM to send automated newsletters to your existing clients.


As you can see, there are many easy ways to maintain customer relationships in the real estate industry. Use this to your advantage and set yourself apart from your competitors through good customer relationship management. If you also rely on professional real estate software, the contact maintenance almost runs on its own.

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