How property developers benefit from 365.immo

Our 365.immo branch solution provides considerable advantages not only for real estate agents and property management companies. Our cloud-based real estate software is also very well suited for use in property development companies.
Consistent property management

Keeping an eye on a multitude of relationships and a well-organized property management are crucial for the success of your property development company. By using 365.immo, you contribute to the long-term business success of your company. The use of our software, which has been specially developed for the real estate industry, enables you to obtain a property-specific view of activities, tasks, offers and all the people involved in the project. You will also be supported in your daily work by an optimized task entry and calendar option. Rounded off by clear object presentation and optimal planning, you will not only save time but also valuable resources.

Uncomplicated distribution

365.immo enables both brokers and property developers to sell real estate efficiently and in a property-oriented manner. From the first moment of planning to the sale of the properties, all project data can be centrally recorded and clearly displayed in our software. In addition, your real estate projects can be communicated via digital platforms from the very beginning and thus reach new target groups. All information and processes across the entire sales pipeline can be seamlessly documented by using 365.immo. This means that you do not waste valuable time searching for data and benefit from a consistently uniform sales process – from lead generation to after-sales service.

Optimized project management

365.immo accompanies you throughout your entire construction project. By automating manual processes, you save valuable time and can work more efficiently on project-specific tasks. Thanks to the support of intelligent task and activity management, your project management runs like clockwork.

Clearly arranged dashboards give you a constant overview of the most important key figures. Furthermore, all employees involved in the project are supported in their daily work.

Personalized customer management

365.immo offers significant added value not only to your employees, but also to your customers and partner trades. Any enquiries made via your website can be automatically transferred to the CRM software for property developers, from where they can be qualified and linked to one another. This ensures fast and seamless processing. Files and contracts can be created digitally and filed in a structured manner with the corresponding contact. All documents can be accessed anytime and anywhere via the mobile app.

By using 365.immo, administrative processes are reduced, and your employees have more time for personal discussions, intensive consultation and strategy development. Furthermore, any warranty claims that occur can be efficiently recorded and professionally handled.

365.immo – anytime and anywhere

Since 365.immo is a cloud solution, you can access it from every end device. Your employees are supported in internal and external communication and it is easier for them to care for customers. Our software solution for property developers provides you with customer and prospect histories, an overview of profitable customers and meaningful analyses that support you in making well-founded decisions. As a result, you create more transparency and reduce your costs sustainably.

You will soon find more about the functions 365.immo offers for property development companies at www.365.immo.


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