Marketing for real estate agents – easier than ever with the right tool!

Are you successful in reaching your target group with your message? Are your services found in the abundance of real estate offers?

Winning more and better leads is just as much a challenge as keeping your sales funnel well filled at all times. Interested parties are more and more informed, the competitive pressure is high. Maybe you also think that you as a broker have your marketing and customer relations well under control. Easily possible, but with a professional real estate CRM there is still room for improvement.

What if modern real estate marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you need a lot of data or a huge marketing budget? To a large extent, it also depends on the tools and strategy you use to gain new leads or generate more from existing data.

So how exactly can a real estate CRM system help you create profitable marketing campaigns?

Address your target audience

Many brokers follow the classic pattern of thinking that a target group relevant to real estate brokers is only concerned with the geographical location. A relevant target group for you as a real estate agent is the part of the market that matches your profile as an ideal customer. Forget the local division, instead consider who could be a potential buyer for which property.

As an example: Your target groups are first-time house buyers, pensioners, buyers and sellers of holiday homes or investors. If you have the resources, you can obviously address different target groups, but it is important to address each of them differently. CRM systems for real estate enable you to do just that.

For example, you can easily segment your database into multiple segments such as the above and send targeted email marketing campaigns. You can create templates that you use at each stage of the sales process to follow up automatically.

It is important that you do not start to “delight” all your contacts with a unified message – each of your properties is unique, as are the requirements and wishes of your prospective customers!

Automate email follow-up campaigns

Once you have identified your real estate target group, you can create a targeted marketing campaign for that group. This works perfectly for content marketing: you can automatically send personalized content to your target audience by simply creating some email templates and scheduling content delivery.

In this way you can send the message that is really relevant for your prospects, i.e. for buyers, sellers, enquiries via the website, trade fair contacts, etc. Again, with professional real estate agent software, you can easily segment and intelligently post-process your data instead of sending mass messages that hardly anyone reads.

Benefit from further recommendations

Without a doubt, customer references are the linchpin for successful brokerage to prove your know-how. Certainly, even today a large part of your business results from recommendations.

Everyone wants as many good references as possible. First and foremost, the number of references you receive depends on customer satisfaction. But what counts is perseverance. You have to ask consistently in order to get a reference, because for your customers, as satisfied as they may have been, this certainly does not have the highest priority.

Here, too, you can use your CRM system to automatically query again and again. And make it as easy as possible for the customer to rate you – maybe with an online form?

Automate, but personalize Exposees for your prospects

Exposees are one of your most important sales arguments. Therefore, they should look as good as possible to impress your customers. You probably deal with a lot of customers every day, to whom you usually send more than one suggestion.

With tools like 365.immo you simply select a property and send a beautifully designed and compelling exposé, without wasting time on each request to stand out from the competition.

Make your leads “sales-ready

All of your leads may not be truly “sales-ready “. Many have only looked around your website to get an overview of the real estate market. Try to make these “cold leads” your customers!

Make sure you create great content that presents your region and helps people get an overview of the real estate market. Explain why the market performs well and how it can benefit buyers, sellers and investors. Next, set up an automated email campaign and send out your content updates.

Use the knowledge that you already have available through your contacts in CRM and offer information that the target group is really interested in.

This will soon earn you the reputation of being THE real estate expert in your field – and help you qualify more leads!

And think also of retargeting marketing – bring your visitors back to your site with targeted ads!

Try to reach your potential customers on different channels

For a truly successful real estate marketing campaign, it is no longer enough to rely on just one communication channel.

Think also of social media! The majority of apartment seekers use Facebook to find out more about a broker’s offer. But also Instagram or networks used for business like Linkedin or Xing can be relevant, especially if you also deal with commercial properties.

Or SMS marketing. Customers open an SMS much more often than an e-mail. With SMS marketing you can do many things: send targeted campaigns and appointments such as house visits. Or make it possible for your prospective customers to request information via SMS.

The more channels are connected to your CRM system, the easier it is for you to reach your prospects and increase your sales success.

Just try out the wealth of possibilities! CRM systems for real estate agents give your marketing campaigns more power – in every channel you want to use and open up exciting opportunities to win leads and sales opportunities!

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