Digitization: How your real estate company starts into the future

Digitalisation is the mega-trend of the 21st century - accordingly, this trend is also changing real estate management and the associated activities of the classic real estate agent. If you manage to combine the digital transformation with your tried and tested strengths, you will benefit from decisive competitive advantages. Thus, the digital transformation can serve you as a springboard for fundamental future developments.
The first steps

The core of the digitalization of business processes is always the inventory management system – in your case the real estate agent software. This is where all data, such as customer data, sales objects and rental contracts end up. Your data stock needs a central place where all work processes and means of digitalisation can be linked. Therefore, the choice of the real estate agent software must be well considered, also with regard to scalability and sustainability.

Simplified Lead Management

When you let digital tools help you process leads, you can generate qualified leads and convert them into deals much more effectively. To keep track of your leads at all times, modern dashboards, which fill automatically, help you to keep track of your leads. In addition, with the support of the right real estate agent software, you can clearly store and evaluate all past interactions that you have had with your prospects.

Optimize your service performance

Use the digital transformation to improve your services. In today’s world, your customers usually have little free time. Your customers are happy if they can do as much as possible by phone, e-mail or the Internet when buying property. Thus, the majority of real estate buyers now start their searches online on real estate portals and social media. For you as a real estate agent, it is therefore essential to use these portals regularly and to keep them constantly up to date.

The real estate agent software 365.immo offers you the possibility to connect your system directly to platforms like Immobilienscout24, Facebook or Willhaben. Thus, you have the possibility to put your purchase and rental objects online with only a few mouse clicks. You not only save time, but also ensure that all information about your property is seamlessly online.

Do not miss out on personal advice

Even if both your real estate company and your client benefit from the digital service, you must not forget that your client still values personal attention. After all, the purchase of a property is a very big step for your client, who does not want to do without personal advice. For you as a real estate agent it is therefore essential to know the wishes, needs and requirements of each individual customer.

Here too, you can make use of digital aids. If you collect all the information, notes and e-mail histories of your contact in a suitable broker software, you will be able to maintain an overview more easily and concentrate fully on your personal advice. In addition, you always have an overview of the last time you were in contact with your prospective buyer. If this has been a while, pick up the phone and offer your services to the prospective buyer. You will see – a small call can work wonders.

Who does not move with the times, will be removed over time

Digitisation accompanies you along the entire value chain – from the initial contact with the prospective buyer to the conclusion of the purchase of the property. The fact is that the modern real estate buyer starts his search on the Internet. Thus, digital platforms and apps open up a multitude of possibilities for today’s real estate agent to present rental and sales properties in the best possible way. Those who do not follow this trend in time will sooner or later disappear from the market. Nevertheless, it is clear that even if prospective buyers are increasingly using technology-based tools to search for properties, they still prefer the guidance of a real estate agent to complete the purchase.  This makes it all the more important for you as a real estate agent to keep up with the times in order to offer your customers a comprehensive buying experience.

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