How CRM can help real estate agents meet current challenges.

The expectations of prospective tenants, sellers and buyers of real estate companies are constantly rising. They should react quickly, flexibly and individually to customer enquiries, even if several employees in a team are often in contact with the same customer. In addition, requirements such as the GDPR are becoming increasingly stringent. In addition, coordinating appointments, preparing exposés, designing websites, publishing properties in portals and much more. Often there is less and less time for the customer.

A software in the real estate market that answers this challenge as a complete solution is decisive for success. So what are the advantages of CRM for real estate agents?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, but it can be so much more for real estate agents – the perfect tool to win new customers, maintain customer relationships and turn interested parties into buyers, or generate reports. And all this with a single platform!

Thanks to its powerful functionality, CRM software for real estate agents offers some important advantages that make your daily work easier.

The most important reasons why your real estate business canbenefit from CRM

CRM is the central platform for all your relevant business information

As a successful real estate agent, you generate leads from several channels. These can be, for example, online leads, recommendations, events, direct acquisition, and so on. Managing all these leads in separate databases is more than inefficient, many leads are unlikely to be tracked.

In contrast, a professional CRM for real estate agents shows you all your relevant information in a clear dashboard, for example:

  • Contacts
  • Properties (apartment, house, commercial property, land, etc.)
  • Inquiries from interested parties
  • Current status of your sales pipeline
  • Current tasks
  • e-mails and correspondence

With the consistent implementation of a CRM system, it is also much easier to increase your completion rate. Look at it this way – you obviously have to maintain the CRM system, but subsequently it costs you much less effort to control your daily real estate business!

2. CRM relies on long-term customer relationships

Do you think that CRM is mainly interesting for attracting new buyers? Although this is one of the top CRM benefits for real estate, a CRM system is also very helpful for maintaining contact with customers with whom you have done business in the past.

Satisfied customers to whom you have already successfully sold a house or rented an apartment in the past are essential for references and your recommendation.

But hand on heart – with how many of these people are you still in contact or could you sell something again?

It is not easy for every real estate agent to ask for recommendations. After the transaction, they don’t use the contacts to their former customers – although the customer might be quite willing to make a recommendation.

It is also not the case that you buy a house or rent an apartment every day – nevertheless, even if real estate customers were very satisfied after the deal, after some time they no longer think of the real estate agent. That’s why it’s even more important to stay in touch with former clients and generate more business at less cost.

So what should contact management look like? Obviously it doesn’t make sense to bombard someone with e-mails and newsletters, but you need a few points of contact a year. Send a birthday mail, remind them of yourself, for example on the anniversary of the property purchase, with a small message such as “I hope you still feel comfortable in your 4 walls”… perhaps the customer also has a need for change and turns to you again with his new wishes?

So make sure you keep accurate records for each customer in your CRM and use that information to stay in touch with your customers.

3. Personal approach of each prospect and customer is a priority

It is the way your customer actually feels about your service that can make or break a deal.

Your CRM does not help you improve your real estate offering. But the way you organize marketing and sales and get support from a good CRM can be a significant competitive advantage.

Collect all the information you can get about the prospective buyer: preferred areas, preferred type of property, budget, equipment including details such as floor coverings. Save everything in your CRM and match these customer requirements with your real estate offer.

That’s what personal service is all about. What use are tens of fabulous properties in your database if this offer does not match the requirements of your prospective customers?

Your prospective customer is waiting for “their” property. Therefore, let them know with a personal phone call or e-mail that you have just found “their” house – with the number of rooms they wants, in the perfect location and exactly the wooden floor they want. Earn the reputation of being the real estate agent who really takes the wishes of his/her prospective customers seriously – a CRM system that thinks for you!

4. CRM for real estate agents saves you a lot of time and paperwork

Automate manual and time-consuming tasks! Especially when it comes to teamwork, CRM systems offer great features to make your work easier:

  • Plan and automate follow-ups
  • Overview of all contacts, properties, customer requirements, sales opportunities and correspondence in one place
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Create to-do list
  • Shared access to customer data throughout the Immo team
  • Set up automatic reminders
  • Answer initial queries with automated email templates

These are just a few examples of how real estate agents can use CRM to do their daily work.

5. At the push of a button, a CRM delivers the analyses you need

Lengthy manual searches for sales figures etc. are a thing of the past. With a CRM system, performance reports can be generated automatically and you can gain a quick overview of marketing & sales.

  • Automatic reports on all your contacts, properties, customer requirements and transactions;
  • Automatically calculates the progress of your sales pipeline
  • Reports work across multiple sites – no matter how many offices and locations you manage
  • o easy way to get timely feedback – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.
  • o Create reports about everything that is important for your real estate business – new requests, added items, sent exposés…

Get feedback in seconds that you can use to make better decisions!

These CRM features are just some of the benefits for brokers of all sizes to drive their business forward.

What’s important is that CRM is not just a software tool, it’s a philosophy that helps you deliver excellent customer service every day and take full advantage of your business!

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