How a CRM Solution for Real Estate can put you ahead of your competitors

As competition is on the rise in all businesses, real estate business is no exception. Attracting new clients and dealing with buyers that have to choose between a lot of investment choices gets more and more difficult. So first of all, real estate businesses have to plan on whom to target and afterwards execute sustainable follow-ups to create a strong network of prospects and transform this pool into loyal customers. Can software help with all these issues - yes, it can! Even more, if your competitor is not using it already...

Real estate agents are already working with software to support them in their daily work. But we are not quite sure, if our competitors’ real estate software is really a CRM system for real estate business – or just a real estate software.

But for now lets talk in general about why CRM software has become so important for the Real Estate industry – these are (some) benefits:

Customer Segmentation

With Customer Relationship Management software you can effectively segment  the market. Proper segmentation allows real estate professionals to target each segment such as prospects for houses, apartments etc. more precisely. It’s like profiling and helps you a lot to find the right buyers or sellers for your objects.

Lead Management

CRM is also great to work with your leads. By summorizing leads and customer enquiries from various channels such as your website with the integrated webforms or inquiries by phone by using an intelligent telephone connection, in one cloud based system, you have them all at one glance.

Effective Networking

Communication is important. CRM software provides you with multiple tools and features required for effective communication management. Hence, it helps to strengthen the client network and allows a structured sales process.




Effective Networking Includes Two Major Factors

  • Long sales cycle management
  • Immediate response management

These two elements are strongly related to customer communication. It becomes crucial that these interactions are tracked, analyzed, and followed up effectively.

As we all know the significance of referrals and client network in generating a long sales cycle, you should use CRM to achieve a streamlined process for easy maintenance of client data, including contact details and other documents. By doing so, you can manage your existing network effortlessly and generate new prospects.

When it comes to immediate response management, it becomes more difficult to deal with it. 365.immo includes customizable email marketing, that allows you to answer enquiries promptly and automatically. Wouldn’t a personal response be better? Sure, follow up with a personal answer as soon as possible – but if you are in a meeting or in showing an object, be sure your new prospect got a least a short reply, that his request is dealt with.

Moreover, by using the integrated email marketing possibilities, you have all tracking data and mail information in your CRM system…

Document Management

Real Estate is complex and includes loads of related documents. A CRM software makes document handling easy, leveraging management of all kinds of important data.

A CRM system centralizes important documents. Sales agents can create contracts and other documents for each transaction without difficulties. Plus, based on permissions, team colleagues can access those important documents any time.

Easy to use

A modern CRM system such as 365.immo is easy to use –intuitive and self-explanatory. So let’s start working! If your competitor is not using it already… couldn’t that be an advantage for you?

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