How to master your everyday life as a real estate agent

Renting and selling of real estate is a very complex matter. The selling process takes for you as a real estate broker a lot of time. You have to do some telephone calls, arrange meetings with interested parties and publish ads. All these activities are of course necessary but can be simplified by using the right tool.

Reduce your administrative effort
In your everyday work as real estate agent, the rapid sale of the properties plays an important role. Of course, you must have the necessary customer information. However, there is often a lack of time to properly maintain collected customer data. If you are using a CRM software, prospective clients and customer data can be easily recorded in one system and can be maintained centrally. You save yourself tiresome searching and have more time for your customers!


Take care of your prospects
You already had an appointment with a potential customer? Perfectly the first step to the conclusion of the purchase is done. But that does not mean that your work is done with this. Especially in the real estate industry it is important to be there for your prospects and make sure that they are provided with all the information they need.

It is helpful in this step, if your broker software presents open inquiries clearly and offers you the possibility to set tasks. This will remind you to contact your potential customers. You will see – well looked after prospects become customers!


Publish advertisements without mistakes
One of the most time-consuming activities for you as a real estate broker is probably to manually publish each object on the individual platforms on the web. In addition, relevant information can be quickly overlooked in this work step. To simplify this process, our 365.immo solution allows you to publish advertisements directly from the system on all common real estate platforms and social media. You save time and ensure completeness.


365.immo – we support you in the brokerage process
We know the requirements of the real estate industry and have developed a tailor-made solution to support you in your daily processes. Our Microsoft Dynamics based real estate agent software 365.immo is not only easy to use but is also completely compatible with Office 365.


We make it child’s play for you to create documents, manage properties, send newsletters and much more – from now on, your sales will run like clockwork!

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