Digitalization in the construction industry

In many industries, there has recently been an increased focus on digitalization. Numerous companies have recognized the potential of this digitalization and are now taking advantage of the opportunity to increase productivity and quality. Last but not least, the advancing digitization trend has also arrived in the construction industry and, thanks to innovative solutions, offers great potential for efficient exchange between all parties involved.

The benefits of digital solutions for your construction project

Building contractors are under increasing pressure to improve the efficiency of their business processes in order to remain competitive. To optimize these processes, it is helpful to start with the project processes and the underlying data structure of the company. An industry-specific management software for property developers can serve as a basis for this. Such a software solution not only enables location-independent communication, but also contributes significantly to the quality of your construction project.


  • Location independence and mobile working

Continuous and seamless communication is an important basis for your construction project. The use of a property developer software, which can also be operated via app, supports you in maintaining a smooth exchange of information without having to meet on site. By using mobile software solutions, recording and checking processes are accelerated and less prone to errors. In addition, you and your employees can access all project information even on the construction site or in the home office.


  • Better achievement of goals

Often, the achievement of a property development company’s project goals fails due to internal communication and processing of documents. For example, a file might get lost or work is done on the basis of outdated information.  This not only costs time and money, but also makes an extremely unprofessional impression on customers and trades. This problem can be circumvented very easily by means of digital document storage (e.g.: SharePoint). On the one hand, with this method of document management, you can always ensure that everyone is working on the most up-to-date file, and on the other hand, the files can be stored directly with the associated project in your real estate software.


  • Well founded decision making

In our fast-moving times, it is essential to make decisions as quickly as possible. The prerequisite for this is the availability of information that is fundamental to decision-making. In many building companies, this information is scattered in various lists and folders without being combinable with each other. However, if you collect this data centrally in one system, you can create evaluations in a matter of seconds, which serve as a basis for well-founded decision-making.


  • Elimination of routine tasks

Using digital process optimization, many routine tasks can be minimized and even completely eliminated. In a property developer software, this is done using intelligent workflows that standardize and automate your routine processes. Thus, both construction and commercial processes can be accelerated. This not only saves you a considerable amount of time and money, but also gives you more time to focus on more important activities.


  • Increased efficiency and transparency

All project participants benefit from the digital capture of information. Structured data capture creates uniform standards across the entire project. In addition, the simplified processing and data evaluation create greater transparency. For those involved in the construction project, it is clear who has to complete which tasks in which timeframe and which services still need to be provided. This avoids defects and conflicts and ensures a higher quality of the project.


Rely on digital innovation as a competitive advantage! A property developer software such as 365.immo is a powerful tool for building efficient and up-to-date organizational structures. It always gives you and your employees a comprehensive overview of the status of your current construction projects. Your processes are accelerated, and a continuous data flow is ensured. In addition, construction companies that rely on systematic digitization can secure sustainable market advantages.

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