Digitalisation moves markets – including the real estate market!

It's like everywhere in life - real estate agents have to evolve constantly. And also the market continues to develop - digitization moves markets and everything that can be digitized will be digitized. Of course, this progressive trend is not only affecting the real estate industry, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area in particular.

Real estate agents who already rely on digital solutions are usually larger companies. But especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the path to digitalization is an important step towards the future.

Invest in applications that automate and optimize activities and processes and simplify your work steps. Here is our advice – work with 365.immo!

In our opinion, efficient brokerage can only be achieved by an optimal organization, which in turn leads to quick conclusion of contracts. But how can such digitalisation succeed in the real estate sector?

Unsere SoftwaOur software does not replace you as a real estate agent – it supports you. Professional expertise, personal commitment and perfect customer service continue to be your top priorities. But it is precisely in these areas that our software should make your daily work easier. More time for personal customer care is created, for example, by the fact that the eternal sorting and maintenance of data is considerably facilitated. By having all information including emails with the customer in one place through the Outlook connection, you spend considerably less time on searches.


Make the sales process transparent

Make the individual steps of the sales process transparent in order to improve the bad reputation of the “overpaid” broker. 365.immo will also help you with this – because all viewing appointments with sellers and landlords or potential buyers and tenants are well documented and directly related to your properties to be sold.


Maintain your contacts (additionally) online

Here in particular, the interaction between people and IT is more important than ever before. Personal contacts are and remain important, people do business with people. But in order not to be overwhelmed by the flood of human contacts, you need IT support.

If stored correctly in a system, personal data can make an important contribution to customer loyalty. Address your contacts via newsletter, offer a new property that you have just received, invite your contacts to events that are interesting for them – in short, deliver “relevant content”, as marketers would call it!

And also remember – a contact who is now renting a couple’s apartment, for example, could soon have a need for a larger family apartment or a home of their own – be remembered in order to be able to close a deal again!


Win new customers with online content

As in every area, you as a broker are always looking for new customers. Take advantage of digitalisation and attract potential customers!

Wenn Sie auch hier interessante und relevante Informationen für Ihre Zielgruppe anbieten, werden Personen, die sich aus welchem Grund auch immer mit dem Immobilienmarkt beschäftigen, online auf Sie stoßen.

If you also offer interesting and relevant information for your target group at this point, people who deal with the real estate market – for whatever reason – will find you online.

And don’t forget to be present on social media too – also here: the more relevant, the better!


Capture your communication digitally

Lack of communication, whether interpersonal or digital, is one of the most common reasons for losing a brokerage contract. Clear verbal agreements prevent conflicts as well as clearly and correctly written emails. With 365.immo and the Outlook integration you can easily link emails with contacts or offers, verbal agreements can be recorded as notes, documents are stored directly at the customer.

Do you think this is extra work? Maybe you need a little more time at the beginning to record everything in a structured way. After a short time, however, you will see how much time can be saved by no longer having to search for information. In addition, “digital communication” also means that everyone is informed about the latest information, especially in the case of brokerage orders where several employees are working on it at the same time.


Make optimal use of your customer data

Move the apartment visit into the virtual reality and take your customers online on a real estate journey of discovery, quite comfortably in front of your own screen.


Use your website for the optimal presentation of your properties

Verlagern Sie die Wohnungsbesichtigung in die virtuelle Realität und nehmen Sie ihre Kunden online auf eine Immobilien-Entdeckungsreise mit, ganz bequem vor dem eigenen Bildschirm.


The real estate market is already digital – we help you to be one step faster!



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