Customer Journey: Accompany your customer step by step to his dream property

Digitalization has changed the customer journey in almost all areas - including the real estate industry. Nowadays, prospective buyers inform oneself about buying and renting properties on the Internet before they contact an estate agent. On portals, properties are viewed comfortably from home. Depending on the desired criteria and presentation of the property, objects are compared and selected. Before any real estate agent enters the game, preliminary decisions are made, and certain properties are already sorted out.

To make sure that you as a real estate agent do not fall by the wayside, it is more important than ever for you to be present, to optimize processes and to simplify work steps. As this is not easy, it pays to invest in the right CRM software to support your business.

Preselection on the Internet – Present yourself well

In the first step on the customer’s journey, your objects are subjected to a digital test bench. Customer evaluations and the presentation of the object serve the customers to create a first impression and to build up trust.  If there is a lack of nice presentation or information, interested parties often do not even consider contacting you. Thus, your appearance in the Web is a crucial criterion to win customers. In order to ensure that your sales and rental properties perform as well as possible online, 365.immo offers you the opportunity to publish your properties on various real estate portals and social media platforms with just one mouse click. This not only ensures that all relevant information is published, but also saves a lot of time.

First personal contact – make it easy for the customer

An interested party has decided to contact you? Very good. Now it’s up to you to make it as easy as possible for your potential customer to contact you. With 365.immo you can create individual online forms for your website in no time at all. This makes it very easy for interested parties to contact you directly. Subsequently, all data is automatically transferred to the CRM system. Hence you have all data of the prospective customer immediately at hand. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly and professionally to enquiries.

Advice and purchase – Distinguish yourself through good service

Once the first contact has been established, the prospective customer expects to receive professional advice and information at any time. After all, good service is an essential criterion when buying real estate.  365.immo enables you to link e-mails, appointments and files with your CRM contact so that you are optimally prepared for any telephone calls and viewing appointments. After you have advised the customer in the best possible way, all you need is a little tact and sensitivity and the customer decides in favor of your property.

Post-purchase phase – Let customers continue to hear from you

Your object has been sold – the customer is happy and so are you. Nevertheless, your work is not done yet, because even if the customer has already bought or rented an object, it is still important to keep in touch. After all, the customer’s needs may change, and he may be looking for a smaller or larger property. If so, it is important for you to be the first point of contact. But how do you manage to stay present even after the purchase? 365.immo offers you the opportunity to send out targeted individual newsletters and information. This ensures that you are not forgotten and increases your recommendation rate.

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