Why Real Estate Agents Should Also Use Cloud Software

You've probably heard the terms Cloud Computing and SaaS (Software as a service) before. But what do these terms mean to you and your daily work?

Cloud computing provides services, i.e. IT infrastructure such as storage space, computing power or application software, via the Internet, i.e. the “cloud”, without having to install it on a local computer. Many services, including those in the private sphere, such as streaming, online picture galleries, etc., are already running in the cloud.

But what is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is also called “software on demand”. Third-party providers host applications and make them available to customers via the Internet for a usage fee. The user himself no longer needs his own infrastructure.

In order to keep modern software for real estate brokers up to date, there are a number of reasons why it belongs right there – in the cloud.

How Cloud Computing is changing SaaS for real estate software

  • Your data is secure.

With cloud computing, updates are no longer an incalculable risk that you will postpone them for as long as possible for fear of losing valuable information. With each system update or platform change, SaaS, as part of a cloud computing frame work, secures this valuable data while you can continue to take care of your real estate business.

  • The software grows with your business

If you are in the process of expanding or may need more or fewer employees in the near future, the rental of software licenses is an absolute advantage. Since your data is stored in professional data centers, you no longer need additional servers. So you can rent new licenses quickly and easily.

  • Everything always available in one place

With cloud computing, your team’s information is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also access your data on the move, for example with your mobile phone – for example directly during a visit to an apartment on site!

  • Always up-to-date

Through automatic and regular product updates, your work or access to important customer information is always undisturbed. We know what real estate professionals really need and are constantly improving the technology for our real estate software.

  • Your data security has the highest priority

All information stored in the cloud is secure! No more worries about hacker attacks that could access personal customer information on your hard drive. SaaS providers are also investing heavily in the security of data stored in the cloud.

All in all, real estate software in the cloud enables real data security. Added to this is the convenience of no longer having to worry about storing important data and being able to access it from anywhere in teams. The scalability means that users can be added to or reduced at any time.

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