Big Data – The revolutionary trend in the real estate industry

In the collection and use of data lies great potential. The utilization of this data serves as a basis for individual customer service, efficient decision-making and optimized business processes. As in all industries, the evaluation of large data sets (Big Data Analytics) is becoming increasingly relevant in the real estate industry.
What is Big Data?

The term Big Data describes large amounts of data that can be collected, stored and evaluated. This includes customer data, information on real estate or even e-mail logs. In order to use all this data in a meaningful way, it must first be collected centrally. This is done, for example, using CRM brokerage software.

In the next step, the collected data is analyzed and prepared with the help of data processing technologies. The result is structured data sets that help you make decisions and understand the market and customers better.


What is the significance of Big Data for the real estate industry?

Since evaluating data and reacting quickly to it is of particular interest in the real estate industry, Big Data analysis offers you advantages at all levels. For example, transparent customer profiles enable you to offer an improved and individually tailored service. Financial, investment and market data can support you in making purchase decisions and assessing risks.


How can real estate entrepreneurs use Big Data to their advantage?

By using Business Intelligence (e.g. Microsoft Power BI), mass data is statistically evaluated, analyzed and linked with each other. Analyses that used to be laboriously created in Excel spreadsheets can now be created and evaluated within a very short time.

For example, you can specifically prepare and visualize customer data that has been collected in cloud-based brokerage software (e.g. 365.immo). This helps you to gain new insights into the market and generate efficient business transactions more quickly.


Real estate portals and Big Data – the connection

Your customers also use the large amounts of data by accessing real estate portals when searching for properties. Such portals are also based on analysis technologies from Big Data and suggest suitable properties to the prospective buyer based on his search terms.

Thus, real estate portals offer you the opportunity to draw the attention of precisely tailored prospects to your properties. Through detailed descriptions of your properties and the use of various media, you can attract the attention of your prospective customers in a targeted manner.


365.immo and Big Data

365.immo is a cloud-based real estate software with direct connection to the Microsoft Power BI analysis platform. This provides you with user-friendly tools which support you in collecting, evaluating and clearly presenting business data. In this way, you can create interactive reports and evaluations which will help you to make sound economic decisions. Furthermore, 365.immo is connected to all common real estate portals, which ensures that your properties are advertised without gaps.

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